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Keeping Our Children Safe From Gangs - Presentation

Keeping Our Children Safe From Gangs - Presentation

by Jane Couillard -
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For Parents of School-Aged Children 

Please join us for this Free informative presentation at the Henry Grube Education Centre, 245 Kitchener Crescent, Kamloops

March 5, 2019 at 6:30 p.m.

British Columbia’s gang landscape is vastly different from other jurisdictions, this is why this presentation is so important. Children from all socio-economic backgrounds can be vulnerable to gang recruitment and involvement. Youth are being recruited in ways that our communities have never seen before. You will leave this presentation with a greater understanding of what you can do to prevent your child from getting involved in gang activity.

 • What is a youth gang? 

• Understanding why youth are attracted to the gang lifestyle 

• What does gang membership entail? 

• Warning signs to look for 

• What to do if you think your child is involved in gang related activity 

• How to keep your children safe from youth gang involvement 

See attached poster.