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End of Semester 1

End of Semester 1

by Justin Devries -
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Hi Parents and Students

Here is the schedule for the week of January 21-25, which is the end of our first semester at WSS.  Please note that all of these events are also available on the calendar on our website.

Monday January 21

Day 1 (AB CD)

Tuesday January 22


Wednesday January 23

No regular classes, but student may be able to come and complete late projects.  Please schedule this with your teacher(s).

Also, the NUMERACY ASSESSMENT for all grade 11 math students will take place in the library at 9 AM.  Students have up to three hours to write this exam.

Thursday January 24

Another "Project Completion Day" with no scheduled classes.

Also, the ENGLISH 12 PROVINCIAL EXAM will take place starting at 9 AM (either in the library or room 15, depending on last name).  Students have three hours to complete this exam.

Friday January 25

SEMESTER TURN AROUND DAY.  There are no classes or students in the building as faculty prepare for the start of the next semester.

Monday January 28 (AB CD)

First day of Semester 2: students will receive revised timetables in their A-block classes.  Students' A-block classes will be posted in the halls alphabetically by grade.